MCS (Man-hour Computation System)

    System Introduction

    Man-hour Computation System (MCS) is a
    computer-aided management system which integrates software and hardware. It is one of the Qoffice-OA series products of our company.
    MCS uses RFID technical to record attendance data by contactless card reading. the system can specify the different type of working time (normal, two shift, three shift, part-time), and record the attendance time of the different type of employee. The employee could also check their attendance record on attendance machine


    PC side management software with combining the work and leave records of the employee, automatic calculations of the work hours of all kinds of working type, and also can set national holidays and employees' vacation period. it's very convenient for financial for monthly settlement, it is very suitable for
    use in factories, restaurants, schools and general company ...etc.

    System Configuration:

    Hardware equipment:

    ‣ 7-inch color touch screen attendance machine.
    ‣ RFID card encoder.
    ‣ RFID wireless employee card.


    Application software:

    ‣ PC side management system.
    ‣ Attendance machine sub-system.

    Case introduction

    A manufacturer has 80 employees, and they have different types of work, there are including indoor regular staff, outdoor salespeople, and a production line operator. All kinds of employees have different working hours and different leave time. it is not only complex and error-prone in calculating hours. The financial personnel often have to work overtime before payday, not only lack of efficiency but also a monthly fixed routine work, if there is a mistake happen, should spend a lot of time to the record recalculation again, it is time-consuming and laborious.
    After using MCS, all employees were setting each of them's working type, if there is a leave or go out a situation, still using the same process like usual, then type into MCS after approval. The employee can check their attendance records on the attendance machine before at the end of a month if there is any mistake, he or she can coordinate at any time to correct. If there is an abnormal situation, the MCS will mark it up and remind to confirm one by one after process monthly settlement and print out the report to the finance department for audit. The company salary paying process can be down before one to three days a month.
    In the past, manual process cost 2-3 people for 2-3 days effort, and then send for comparison to the employee. If there is a mistake, the attendance time needs to be confirmed by cross-validation, and the final audit. It usually takes a week for work, it's not only time-consuming but also inefficient.
    The employees are equipped with work cards, it has printed photo, department, and names. It's easy to recognize in the same working park, and the supervisors in coordinating the work
    responsibility will be clearer and accurate.

    System Architecture:

    Attendance machine

    7-inch color touch screen.

    • WIFI communication.
    • RFID cards
    • 4MB memory can store 200,000 attendance records.
    • Convenient design for wall mounted installation.
    • Support of Chinese/English/Third country language  display.