Positioning and Tracking System

    System Introduction

    Positioning and Tracking System is a system for staffs or equipments in hospitals, nursing homes, factories, construction sites… to control their access. System contains all kinds of automatic active RFID. It can monitor staffs and equipments, with the installment of label readers in the entrances, a monitoring software very easy to use that can be provide as independent using or connect to your existing managing software. Apply the simple database interface we provide, let your system safely and easily to connect in.

    Problem and Solution

    In hospitals, nursing homes, factories, construction sites…In some circumstances, we need to control or monitor specific staffs or equipments. The ones that don’t wish to be monitored, or the important equipments leaves or enters the monitored area or room unwittingly. When detecting unusual activity, the alarm goes on, and record the monitored object’s access time message for tracking control afterwards.

    System Configuration

    This system consists of hardware and application software:


    ‣ Wrist type active RFID tag。

    ‣ Card type active RFID tag。

    ‣ In-door position base station。

    ‣ Out-door position base station。


    ‣ Program inside of all kinds of RFID tag。

    ‣ Program inside of all kinds of base station。

    ‣ PC side database program。

    ‣ PC side tag setup and installation program。

    Case Introduction

    Positioning and Tracking System’s setting base is to install in nursing house, the elderly wears wrist type active RFID tag. Equipments in the hospitals attach card type active RFID tag, and setup the elderly and the departments of equipments in each departments or rooms, the system also sets “IN” or “OUT” or “IN+OUT”. The system will monitor the elderly’s wristband tags and the card type tags of equipments and instruments. Then based on their setups to control and monitor the personnel to see if they leave or enter each department’s entrances. If there are any contradiction to the system set up, it will immediately send out an alert to warn the monitoring staff, and record the time message.

    ‣ Setting base can accord to needs to set up monitoring sections. Can be set in beds, rooms, halls, hospital range, the parking lot, door entrances and so on, according to the hospital needs to carry on the design, and may later install, conveniently suit in the living habit and the hospital managing ways.


    ‣ If there are intensive patients need for monitoring them off beds, you can also install the monitor under the bed to monitor when they leave the bed to inform the health care workers.


    ‣ Wristband labels can accord to the health conditions of the elderly for safety protection of the configuration, different health with different wristband labels, managing separately of each monitoring, effectively sharing of the workload of health care workers.


    ‣ Wristband labels can apply horizontal sensors to inform the health care workers if they trip.


    ‣ Wristband labels can apply emergency buttons to ask health care workers for help if needed


    ‣ Install setting base in the nursing house range can seek for the positions and access control of the elderly to avoid lost.