Quick Checkout System

    System Introduction

    In modern life, fast pace and high technology have become a symbol of the new era. Intelligent self-service restaurant
    is also booming, including traditional schools or factories and the company restaurant upgrade to optional self-service
    fast food restaurant...etc., The convenience type of self-service meal, solve the problem of people dining time peak. But, while improving the convenience to take food, the dinning queue still can not go fast and smooth because of th artificial checkout.


    In order to solve the congestion and to achieve fast and accurate meal checkout, Quick Checkout System is use for it. The application system using RFID features to fast read the tag of meal and corresponding to the meal price at the checkout. System also provide prepaid card payment or a combination of the existing restaurant POS system, complete the catering automatic checkout operation in fast, so as to achieve unmanned, rapid and accurate settlement effect, greatly improve the efficiency of the restaurant.

    System Configuration:

    The system consists of hardware and application software.

    Hardware equipment:

    ‣ Tag for dish.
    ‣ Tag encoder (dish window).
    ‣ Cluster reader (checkout counter).
    ‣ Prepaid card recharge device.


    Application software:

    ‣ Quick Checkout System.
    ‣ Prepaid card recharge and issuing system.

    Case introduction -School cafeteria intelligent checkout

    The College cafeteria use Quick Checkout System, installation price encoder in each dish window,and each meal dish or bowl sticked a corresponding tag in below. The dish maker encode the dish tag before prepare the meal for taken, the students pick up the dishes he like on the tray, then put the tray on the marked "Reading Area" cluster reader in checkout counter. The system automatically reads all the dishes tag on the tray, and connected to database get the detail information and price of
    dishes, calculate the amount and display on monitor, students directly use prepaid card in the card reader to process payment and complete the transaction.

    Operation Flows:

    ● Administrator supervise flow:

    ● Customer operation flow: