Smart Meal Delivery System

    System Introduction

    In the modern days, pedestrians are always in hurry, everyone dining with tense. Fast food restaurant emphasizes quick ordering, fast delivery with minimize manpower. To achieve the fastest and accurate delivery of meals as a goal, Smart Meal Delivery System is a system designed for fast food restaurant, when customers order, it identifies the customer's table number to it’s positioning system. Customers can find their favorite seats through meal card after they ordered, the system can be placed according to the location of the card automatically search the table. Then display on the terminal screen of the meal delivery system, so that the staff clearly understand the table number selected by the customer, deliver the meals correctly, and effectively reduce the operating costs of personnel.

    Problem and Solution

    Due to arranging customer seatings, not being able to avoid customers switching table, also when the restaurant remodel and the tables unmanaged. Fast food restaurant usually delivers incorrectly or couldn’t find the right table, not efficiently minimize the cost and personnel. Smart Meal Delivery System can simplify the process of ordering and delivering. Only requires one staff to manage the restaurant's meal delivering, delivering accurately. Even if customers change seats or restaurant remodeling and rearranging seatings, it doesn't affect waiters to find the customer’s table. There is no more need for waiter to lead the customers to their table, record the table number then take order. Smart Meal Delivery System allows your customer to order first then choose their seat as they pleases. The system uses the sensors of each table to correctly identify the table number where the customer meal card is located, provides the waiters to deliver meal accurately.System Configuration.

    The system consists of hardware and application software:



    ‣ Active RFID meal card.

    ‣ Table positioning device.

    ‣ Wireless communication base station.

    ‣ Repeater.(if extended range is required)




    ‣ Program inside of active RFID meal card.

    ‣ Program inside of table positioning reader.

    ‣ Program inside of wireless communication base station.

    Case introduction- Fast food restaurant smart delivery

    Fast food restaurant uses Smart Meal Delivery System to install table tracking device underneath each table. Table tracking device can set up identification range. One table divided as two is also accomplishable. Electronic meal card is for customers to track their table after finishing order. Customers can choose their seat after ordering, and put the electronic meal card on the table. Table tracking device will receive the signal from electronic meal card and send the location to wireless communication base station, The wireless communication base station will accord to electronic meal card and table tracking device’s messages that shows on the screen of terminal display. Terminal display can be directly connected to the wireless communication base station, no need to install computer software, as long as a display connected to the wireless communication base station can be completed.

    Smart Meal Delivery Simplify Work Flow

    ‣ Efficiently simplifies ordering process. First order, next take the meal card, find seating. Only requires one staff to manage the restaurant meal delivering, delivering accurately.

    ‣ When waiters delivers the meal, retrieve electronic meal card, for next customer to use it again

    ‣ Table positioning device can set up identification range. Even one table divided as two is also accomplishable.

    ‣ Wireless communication base station with a display interface, no need to buy a computer only need a display screen can display electronic meal card and table number information.

    ‣ If the dining area is too large, exceeding the wireless receiver base station monitoring range, install the repeater to expand the scope of monitoring.